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  • 日期:2014-09-24
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                          Available Positions

CEPS welcomes applications for faculty and postdoctoral positions in the field of geology, geophysics, oceanography and atmospheric sciences, and engineering geology.


Programs  include:





Thousand Talents Program

● Professorship or associate professorship at famous overseas universities

● Preferably no more than 55 years old         more

Hundred Talents Program

● Over 4 consecutive years overseas research experience after graduation

● Preferably no more than 40 years old         more

Outstanding Scientists Program

● With doctoral degree

● Preferably postdoctoral experience

● At least 1 paper published on international journal

Postdoctoral Program

● With doctoral degree

● Preferably no more than 35 years old

Applications should include such materials:
                       ● Curriculm Vitue
                       ● List of publications
                       ● Potential lectures to be presented
                       ● Research summary
                       ● 2 Recommendation letters
Contact information:
                       Yuanze Zhou
                       E-mail: yzzhou(at)
                       Phone: 86-10-88256468
                       Fax: 86-10-88256012