• Hou, Quanlin

    Title: Title: Professor of Geology

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256009

    Email: Email: quhou(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 220 in Administration Building

  • Hu,Caibo

    Title: Title:

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256333

    Email: Email: hucb(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 627 in Teaching Building

  • Hua, Lijuan

    Title: Title: Associate Professor of Atmospheric Scienece

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256694

    Email: Email: hualj(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 610 in Teaching Building

  • Ju, Yiwen

    Title: Title: Professor of Geology, Doctoral Supervisor

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256466

    Email: Email: juyw03(at)163.com

    Office: Office: 612 in Teaching Building

  • Li, Haiyan

    Title: Title: Assistant Professor of Physical Oceanograhp

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256447

    Email: Email: lihaiyan(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 621 in Teaching Building

  • Li, Yongbing

    Title: Title: Associate Professor of Computing Geochemist

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-8825476

    Email: Email: yongbingli(at)ucas.ac.c

    Office: Office: 109 in SCI&TEC Building

  • Li, Yumei

    Title: Title: Associate Professor of Geology

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256496

    Email: Email: liym(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 622 in Teaching Building

  • Liu,Ping

    Title: Title: Assistant Professor of Geology

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256464

    Email: Email: liuping(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 606 in Teaching Building

  • Liu,Qing

    Title: Title: Associate Professor of Geology

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256694

    Email: Email: qingliu(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 610 in Teaching Building

  • Ma, Maining

    Title: Title: Associate Professor of Geophysics

    Phone: Phone: 86-10-88256468

    Email: Email: mamn(at)ucas.ac.cn

    Office: Office: 620 in Teaching Building